Cycling for health benefits

To live and healthy life requires constant physical activity. Regular activity helps to keep diseases at bay, while also enabling you move about with vigor and energy. Cycling is an exercise that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages, and is one of the best ways to fend off health issues such as diabetes, obesity, mental illness, and arthritis.

For people who live close to work, riding to the office can be a time-efficient way to bring exercise into your regular routine. Millions of people around the world ride bicycles to work every day, so why not try it today?


Unlike some sports, cycling is a low impact activity that does not require much physical skills. Once you learn how to balance and pedal, you really don’t forget. The constant pedaling has less strain on your leg muscles, thus guaranteeing few injuries than other forms of exercise. Also, the constant engagement of the leg muscles is good at enabling blood to flow in the lower extremities, something that sitting for long periods hinders.

Cycling is a fun way to get fit, and the buzz of riding down hills and enjoying the outdoors can leave you happy and cheerful. Indeed, most people who take up cycling don’t seem to give up the activity anytime soon.

As a mode of transport, cycling replaces the sedentary nature of driving to work. And if you have to deal with traffic, then you know how tiring driving can be at times.

Ian Renner Connecticut is an accomplished set designer from Connecticut who likes to take his bike out for adventurous rides during his free time.

Ian Renner Connecticut - Keep your team motivated

As a leader in the organization, motivating employees is one of the most important things that contributes to productivity and customer satisfaction. Yet, with an increasingly diverse workforce in the modern world, gaining the commitment from employees can be a hard task.

In order to keep employees engaged, you have to know what you are working with. Have a baseline understanding of how motivated your employees are. Many companies undertake annual surveys that ask employees to rate their levels of satisfaction. However, the data collected is rarely objective to giving a good view on how employees see their engagement levels. More subjective methods (like people analytics) are better at understanding employee engagement levels.

Secondly, consider the people you are working to motivate. A one-size-fits-all approach to motivation does not bear fruit when the workplace is full of diverse people in terms of age and ambitions. Some groups of people can be tougher to motivate than others, like mid-level managers. Some employees are star players, and thus require little motivation to perform, while others will require a lot of work. Still, consider the challenge of motivating someone you might not like. When coming up with a motivational strategy, aim to tailor it to every individual’s needs.

Managers who are good at motivating people are few. This is partly because learning and employing effective motivation strategies takes time. However, you can choose to listen and show respect to fellow employees, and learn from every experience along the way.

Ian Renner Connecticut is an accomplished set designer who splits his time between Connecticut (home) and Los Angeles (work).

Ian Renner of Connecticut - Unexpected Beginnings

When Ian Renner of Connecticut was attending math classes at the University of Western Toronto for a degree in electrical engineering, he never thought that his degree would lead him onto the career path of becoming a professional painter. Since he was a child, Ian had always had a deep fascination with the outdoors, and nature in general. Ian says it was a trait inherited by his father, who has worked for over twenty five years on a forest reserve as a ranger, and currently possesses a master's degree in Forestry. Ian says that the many trips he took with his father to the reserve to see towering pine trees, deep cut rivers, and jagged mountain peeks are sources of inspiration he still draws on today. Ian says the key to creating a successful painting requires nothing more than a feeling. Ian says that though he only paints a landscape, that each one strikes him or moves him in one way or another, and that what he brushes on the canvas, is not the same thing as the landscape he looks at.


Ian Renner of Connecticut sold his first landscape painting to a friend, who said that it was one of the best paintings he had ever seen, and he insisted on buying it. Ian's friend would then go on to urge him to sell all his paintings, which at the time, Ian had never considered. With a little help, Ian began posting some of his paintings, ones he only made out of interest, online. In only a week, Ian sold five of his paintings on Amazon to various places around the world. Today, Ian can scarcely keep his basement stocked with enough paintings to meet the demand.

Ian Renner of Connecticut - Aspirations

Ian Renner of Connecticut is a professional artist who has been in the field for many years now, helping to build sets in Hollywood for many movies. He set off on the mission to become a set designer when he was very young, as he had Hollywood inspirations for many years. Ian has always been in love with cinema ever since his father took him to the theater when he was just a child. Ian says that there is a certain magic when attending cinema that truly inspires him, which is why he dedicated his artistic career to working in the discipline. Since then he has aspired to many different goals within the industry, including becoming a famous artist. Lately Ian has never gotten closer to his dream, as his work is generating quite a buzz in the niche field. Ian is a professional who works punctually and provides consistently good work, which is what has made him a go to guy in the field. Ian says that he has experienced this success not through raw talent, but simply the drive and willingness to do what other artists in the field will not. Ian says that his drive can be traced back and sourced to his aspirations as a child, and that he will never compromise on these dreams, which gives him an extraordinary power as a professional.


Ian Renner of Connecticut says that though he has met many good artists during his time working in the field, that he has met few who dare to aspire as much as he does. He says that it is finding those rare artists willing to aspire and dream outside of the box that are able to shake things up and make some changes.

Ian Renner of Connecticut - Commitment

Ian Renner of Connecticut has been working as a set designer and artist in Hollywood for many years now, becoming a true asset to the field. He says that over the course of his personal and professional career he has had many ups and down, trials and tribulations that he has had to overcome. He says that what distinguishes you from other artists that are working in the field is the willingness and ability to go above and beyond the call of duty to assure that the project is completed in a timely manner, and one that is congruent to the consistency of quality that professionals in the field come to expect. Ian says that the best way to achieve this is to show a level of commitment that goes above and beyond what others are willing to lay down. Ian says that being committed is the difference between finishing something simply because it was due, or completing a project because you handled it in a timely manner and got exactly what you wanted done perfectly.  Ian says that usually the word commitment is not really synonymous with artistry, but most do not understand how emotionally taxing it can be, as an artist usually has much invested in the project. It is times like these where it can be very difficult to finish a task, that is where commitment will carry you to the end, not effecting the quality.


Ian Renner of Connecticut  has seen some of the best and most talented artists in the industry fail because they showed a lack of commitment to get the job done. He says that in the world of set design, at least in Hollywood, it is not just the most talented artists that survive, but the most ambitious and prompt as well.